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Share More Nice Words!

There are many emotional and mental benefits from hearing positive words daily. Just a few kind words or compliments can uplift someone’s day and alter their mood in an instant. We find ourselves hesitant because we don’t know how the other person may react or perceive the kind words, so in fear we say nothing. When we let fear overtake our positive intent to brighten someone’s day, it can make for a depressing world. Think about when you receive a compliment or if someone says something nice to you, how does it make you feel? You spent all morning doing your hair and someone in line at the grocery store says, “I love your hair” it can feel great that someone noticed and in turn can increase your happiness. Now think, what if you could pass that on and continue the chain of good words.

It may be a little uncomfortable or scary because of how people react these days, but if you phrase your words to only be positive and appropriate, the intent should be perceived. For some reason if it is not, just simply apologize and explain that you were trying to pay them a compliment to spread some positivity today. Then move forward knowing that you are trying to make this world a brighter place and maybe the next person will appreciate the kind words, because spreading kind words is important.

“We all have a powerful tool of human goodwill at our disposal, words of genuine and thoughtful appreciation that take just a few moments to give. So, the next time you appreciate how kind someone was in a brief interaction or even if you just like their shoes, try putting yourself out there and enduring some discomfort to let them know. It’ll leave a more beneficial imprint than you may think, for them and for you.” - Holly Parker, Ph.D


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