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Start Writing

Have you thought about writing? With all the extra time at home, you may be wanting to jump into journaling, writing short stories, or even a novel. This could be for a hobby or even a career. Expressing yourself in writing is an amazing feeling and with a few tips, anyone can start writing today!

Research: Read everything you can! You can never have enough examples of writing styles, topics, and formats. This includes magazines, blogs, newspapers, novels, and more. Discover what type of writing interests you, to determine what theme you may want to write about.

Plan: When you have found your writing topic, start putting together a rough outline of the key points you want to cover. This can be the plot highlights or facts you want to achieve in your text. You can start building your characters, environments, and so much more in the planning process depending on the style of writing you select.

Start: Start writing! Create a comfortable working space and choose a scheduled time to write. This makes the process easier when you have a consistent method because it prepares your mind to start composing. If you feel like you are getting stuck, there are many ways to get inspired by nature, music, and sometimes just taking a break. Every author’s method is different so you will have to discover what works for you.

Giving yourself an outlet to share and be creative is such a freeing feeling! Whether you publish your content or just keep it for you, writing is a fun hobby to explore. Start writing today!


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