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Do you utilize the benefits of Patience?

We encounter multiple emotions and scenarios daily. It’s beneficial to have the right tools in your emotional tool belt to handle unfavorable situations when they occur. Instead of rushing to react, choose to step back and give yourself more time to decide on how you would like to react with patience.

Learn to Enjoy the Pause!

You will enjoy the extra time to allow your emotions to calm down, and strategically think it through on how you would like to respond. It can be hard at first, but once you practice this skill it will become your “go to” in difficult situations. Some people tend to fly off the handles and then apologize later, but if you practice patience you can avoid doing that. This technique can be beneficial in business, personal relationships, and it can help with anxiety.

Practice Patience!

Practice sharpens your tools! Put yourself in situations where it can be hard to practice patience. Stand in a long line at the grocery store, get in a long line at a fast-food restaurant or come early and wait at a doctor’s appointment. If these situations normally frustrate you, this is your chance to practice. Take a deep breathe once you start to get upset and say to yourself, “I’m going to wait peacefully and enjoy the pause.” This will help alleviate any initial stress and clear your mind. Once your mind is clear and you are calm, you can have more control over how you will respond to these types of situations. Then move onto practicing patience in conversations when you are ready.

Focus on what people are saying and let them finish talking!

I know you want to jump in there sometimes when you disagree with someone and tell them your side, but it's beneficial to wait. When you allow another person to finish sharing their thoughts and emotions, it’s easier for them in turn to listen to your response. It also can take the stress and anger out of the room when you allow one person to talk at a time. You want them to go first so it gives you time to listen, take a deep breath, and calm any initial emotions while they are talking. Once your head is clear and you feel calm, you will have more control over your response. Don’t be in a rush, take the time to address any unfavorable situation when it happens. This will help you to better understand that you have the power to practice patience and decrease the drama in your life while improving your relationship with others.

Enjoy the pause and add patience to your emotional tool belt! Benefit from the extra time you will now have to be your better self and respond how you would prefer to in any situation. Try it!


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