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  • Nancy Urbach

Rediscover your Joy!

Have you forgotten what brings you joy? Have you just been surviving and letting life pass you by? As we progress through life, what made us happy years ago, may have changed today. Here are a few tips to help you rediscover your happiness.


Whether you meditate, pray, or go for a long walk, take some time to really reflect on your life. Think about the activities, moments, and things that have brought you happiness. How do they make you feel now? Is it something that still interests you? It’s alright if a few no longer hold any significance for you because we do grow and change as the years pass us by. The ones that still bring excitement and feelings of joy, write those down.

Review and Test

Once you have compiled your list, it is time to test them out. The only way you’re going to know if the items on your list still bring you happiness or some sort of fun is by trying them one by one. If your list is long it can take some time, but what a fun way to enjoy your past time by rediscovering the things that bring you happiness.

Organize and Schedule

After you have made your way through your list, keep the list somewhere safe. Add any additional items you may discover that bring you joy. Try to plan some of these activities into your schedule to give yourself something to look forward to weekly.

If you can’t currently do some of the items on your list, due to COVID or any other restrictions, then enjoy the ones you can and make future plans for the others.

Don’t allow any excuse or reason deny you of special moments of experiencing happiness! You can be happy wherever you are. Take a closer look and plan out the things that bring you joy.




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