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  • Nancy Urbach

Start Over

Start over as many times as you need! Getting off track or realizing you need to make some changes has happened to us all. There are no maximum times you are allotted to start again. Personal development should never cease. Continuously improving upon your goals is inspiring and even if it doesn’t go your way, here are some tips to help you get going again.

1. Be kind to yourself and say “NO” to negative thoughts. Putting yourself down will get you nowhere. Saying positive affirmations or visualizing your success daily, can help you get into a positive frame of mind.

2. Learn from your missteps or failures! Take notes of how you got off track and plan a path to help you prevent a repeat performance.

3. Educate yourself! Research how others have reached the same goal or have maintained it. You probably have heard this many times, “knowledge is power”, and in this case it can be. By looking to other’s accomplishments you may pick up some steps or resources you can add to your plan so this time around you may be in a better position for success.

4. Target your priorities. Examine your habits and set a realistic schedule! Where can you reasonably make time to work on your goals, without draining yourself or going beyond exhaustion?

5. Plan for sustainability. Do you need to start smaller in your goal? It is better to have some success in smaller steps, than no success at all towards your end goal. We all want to jump to the finish line, but we still must run the race.

6. Love yourself! Don't neglect your mental or physical care. Progress is important but so are you. Find a happy balance in your planning for long term success!

7. Share! Share your intentions and goals with your friends / family so they can help motivate you along the way! It's great to have someone to celebrate with when you reach certain steps towards your end goal!

Remember you can start again as many times as you need to have the life you have envisioned for yourself and don’t accept NO for an answer. You can do it as long as you stay positive, plan out your steps, grab all the knowledge you can, and take care of yourself! You have a fighting chance and I am rooting for your success this year and beyond!




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