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The Power of Music

Music provides enjoyment along with other benefits for your mental, emotional, and physical health. “Doctors at Johns Hopkins recommend that you listen to music to stimulate your brain. Scientists know that listening to music engages your brain — they can see the active areas light up in MRI scans. Researchers now know that just the promise of listening to music can make you want to learn more. In one 2019 study, people were more motivated to learn when they expected to listen to a song as their reward.” Music has become a large part of our society. We have so many types of music now that you can find a playlist on Spotify and other music streaming services for any specific mood or task. The combination of a few simple notes can be powerful when used in the right way!

Mental Health Benefits

· Stimulates your brain.

· Increases the ability to memorize.

· Slows cognitive decline.

· Releases neurochemicals that can affect brain function.

o Dopamine, associated with pleasure.

o Cortisol, stress hormone.

o Serotonin, stabilizes our mood.

o Oxytocin, helps to connect to others.

Emotional Benefits

· Can help regulate emotions.

· Has been known to alter moods.

· Helps to feel less anxious.

· Can affect depression symptoms.

Physical Benefits

· Reduces fatigue.

· Helps to maintain muscle endurance.

· Enhances physical performance.

· Can help with pain management. ( Specially trained music therapists use music to help alleviate pain in inpatient and outpatient settings.)

Discovering what music can do for you is powerful. "Music should be a part of each soul's development." -Edgar Cayce. Once you know which music types speak to you, you can start using music for more than just tapping your foot. When you need a mood boost or if you have a long day of work and need to focus, the right songs can help you achieve your goals.

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