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Can self-care help with stress?

When you prioritize your physical and mental health, outside stressors can become more manageable. Learning to be mindful of your needs and carving out time in your busy schedule is a skill worth developing. When you feel depleted anything can seem overly difficult, leading to increased stress. How to get started?

Begin small. Prioritizing your self-care can be as simple as taking a hot bath, getting a massage, taking more time to enjoy a meal, going to bed at a decent time, drinking extra water, reading a good book, writing in a journal, planning a day out, or it can be whatever you are personally needing. Giving yourself some time can help you feel valued and balance out the day. Once you start, you will see first hand how beneficial this time for you can be.

When you nurture yourself, it is easier to care for others and enjoy their company. Once you are refreshed and relaxed from self-care, it is harder to be stressed. You will see your mood change and others will enjoy seeing a happier you.

If they ask for help, you will be in a better mental and emotional space to assist them. It is beneficial for everyone when you make time for you. So, pull out your planner and schedule this special time to relax and start decreasing your stress. We have so many commitments today that can be stressful, but when you take care of you, you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle.


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