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  • Nancy Urbach

Essential Sleep Habits

Sleep is essential to maintain your energy levels and mental capacity for daily stressors. Establishing a consistent sleep routine will help your body to relax for the evening and develop a balanced habit for a good night's rest. 

Set yourself up for a successful tomorrow by planning a strategic sleep routine today!

Set your evening schedule

Planning a set time to turn in for the evening will help get your internal clock to stay consistent which will improve the quality of your sleep. Your body needs to shift into sleep mode so pre-planning can help with this transition.

Plan for optimal comfort

When the body is comfortable it is easier to relax in a peaceful atmosphere. This can be picking comfortable bedding, playing soft music, turning on a diffuser with essential oils, using black out curtains to eliminate any light, etc. Having the room set to how you like it will alleviate any environmental concerns to help you relax into sleep.

Plan your pre-game (bedtime ritual)

Having soothing activities to complete before going to sleep can help prepare your mind for the wind down. This can be reading a book for 15 minutes, enjoying a hot cup of tea, taking a bath, writing in a journal, etc. Doing a calming activity will signal to the mind to prepare for sleep.

Healthy sleep habits can make a big difference in your quality of life and tomorrow’s successes!




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