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Do you know how fortunate you are?

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Do you genuinely appreciate how wonderful your life is every day or do you wait till something unexpected happens that forces you to see the value of your existing world? This has been a reality for most of us the over the last few years. We were forced to take stock in how fortunate we truly are and begin a new life. Why can’t we just appreciate our lives daily? Maybe, we need to simplify the day and give ourselves a few moments to pay attention to in the present. Which moments do we start with to begin the process to appreciate our good fortune?

Moments of Laughter

Let’s start with moments of laughter! If you enjoy a little giggle or a deep laugh during your day, celebrate! Show gratitude for those moments and pause to appreciate the gift of laughter. Laughing is known to enhance your mood and is a great moment to look forward to daily. If those moments do not reveal themselves from others, then create them for yourself. This could be looking up a joke, being silly or watching a funny show. However the laughter shows up, just pause to enjoy it for all it’s beauty in your day.

"Focus on what you have been blessed with today, rather than what has been taken away!" - Nancy B. Urbach

moments of relaxation

Another moment to appreciate during your day is moments of relaxation. When peace and calm knock on your door, just invite them in. Take a deep breath and internally celebrate the moments you don’t have to run around or complete a task. Be grateful for this time and see how amazing your day is when these moments come.

Relaxation can decrease your stress levels, so why not relax?

Do you know how fortunate you are?

There are many moments to keep an eye out for, but that last one I would like to mention is moments of pride. When you complete a task or do great at your job, take pride! You accomplished what you set out to do, cherish those moments daily instead of jumping to what’s next on the list. When you appreciate you, this helps to elevate your self-esteem and promote good mental health habits. Seek out those moments and take pleasure in your achievements!

Looking at each moment for what it is, and the benefits they can bring you, will help you to realize what a great life you have right now. Do not wait for the next catastrophe to notice how wonderful you truly have it and what a blessing it is to be alive. You are fortunate, so seek out those moments to celebrate!


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