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Additional Stream of Income

Have you thought about looking into an additional stream of income? As prices on goods continue to rise, some extra pocket money for expenses could help. Due to COVID, a lot of jobs and small businesses have moved to online services and products. Here are a few online options to look into!

Do you have specific skills?

There are online companies that will help highlight your specific skills and get you connected to businesses or individuals in need of your skills. Each website below has many categories you can review, but some of the more popular categories are social media marketing, developer, musician, voice over work, business services, legal, writer, editor, and graphic artist.


You can list your business and creative skills to find work

Up Work

Find freelance opportunities and list your skills

Do you like to Write?

If you have a passion for writing, you can help other businesses by writing articles and get paid by the word. You can also write books and self-publish them on amazon.

Text Broker (for articles)

Amazon Author (publish your own books)

Do you want to sell your own custom products?

Design images or graphics to place on t-shirts, mugs, pants, bags, water bottles and so much more. When you use a drop shipper like the ones listed below, you design and they fulfill your orders and take a percentage of the profits. Connect your drop ship listings to your website or share to social media shops and start selling!

Tee Spring



Regardless of what you chose to do for your additional income, there are many great options to express your creativity or share your skills to make extra money!


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