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  • Nancy B. Urbach

Avoid Holiday Fatigue

We are in the holiday season where your schedule starts to fill up fast. Yes it's only October, but planning flights and making arrangements for family gatherings start early. Before saying yes to every invitation be realistic with your availability. There are only so many weekends before the end of the year and If you spread yourself too thin, you may regret your choices. So before filling up your schedule, take some time to consider these questions.

  • Are you choosing to go or do you feel pressured?

  • Do you actually have the time?

  • Do you feel that you will have fun?

  • Will your presence be valued?

  • Do you have the funds to attend / travel?

  • Are there any foreseeable stressors that could lead to drama?

  • Will you still be able to make time for you?

Depending upon how you answer these questions, it can help you to determine if it is truly in your best interest to attend or not. Set reasonable expectations and be flexible with the plans that you commit to. While this season is meant to bring feelings of love and cheer, it can also bring fatigue from multiple commitments. With a little consideration for your happiness, you can choose to fill your weekends with memorable gatherings that are enjoyable for you.



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