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  • Nancy B. Urbach

Benefits of Gratitude

Gratitude can change your outlook on life! Choosing to be in a positive space with an attitude of gratitude can lead to more choices and growth in your life. Changes you will Experience: Gratitude can lead to more relationships When you show friends or acquaintances appreciation, it will make them more likely to seek an ongoing relationship because they feel cared for. Gratitude can increase personal self-esteem Gratitude has been known to reduce social comparisons. By constantly taking stock in what is going on in your life, your focus then shifts to personal appreciation for your life as opposed to wanting to have someone else’s. Gratitude can improve your health When you feel grateful and are in a positive space, you will want this feeling to continue, so when it comes to your body, you are more likely to take care of your health. When you feel like you are taken care of, this leads to less stress and more opportunity to enjoy life. Developing an attitude of gratitude is one of the simplest ways to improve your satisfaction with life! Give it Try!



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