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  • Nancy Urbach

Stop Thinking Life Cannot Change

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Bad things happen to good people. You are not alone in feeling like life is just one big mess after another. However, here's the thing - you have to stop thinking that way, because if you don't believe life can get better, it won't.

Stop Thinking Life Cannot Change

So, I'm challenging you to start thinking different thoughts. To choose happiness, even when things are tough, because positivity breeds success and growth. Let’s do this together! Let's change our mindset and create a better tomorrow. One step at a time. Believe it or not, change is always possible, with a little bit of work, you can make your life better than ever before. It can start today by taking some simple action steps.

Stop making excuses! Identify the excuses you make so that they don't happen again-you'll be surprised how often these little things can get in your way of progress. The difference between success and failure is a matter of what you do now, not how well or poorly things have gone for us in the past. Excuses are what hold you back.

Set goals! If setting big goals seems daunting or overwhelming at first, start small by identifying what smaller tasks will add up to bigger success over time. Starting small is how you create a habit.

Create the habit within a routine. A schedule will help create time for what matters most and can be accomplished. Remember, you make time for things you care about. Put forth the effort for yourself!

Hold yourself accountable! If you really want to achieve your goals, then make sure that someone knows what's on the line. Saying your objectives aloud makes them real. Accountability can be tough, but it'll help keep those annoying distractions at bay and give power back to where it’s supposed to go.

Stop Thinking Life Cannot Change

Track your progress! It's not always easy to stay on track, but by writing down what you have done each day, can help keep your momentum. You are taking steps towards reaching all of those goals!

Failure will happen! While it is true that failure can happen at any time, and life will sometimes keep you from completing your routine for short periods of time; what matters most is to remember this is the process. You will get back on track! This is just one moment to overcome.

Strive for a healthy mindset! Some days we just can't get out of our own way. If you fail, don’t dwell on it or feel sorry for yourself! Acknowledge that this isn’t your day and you will try again tomorrow; there's nothing wrong with giving something another go when things don't work the first time around. A healthy mindset is essential to making long-term changes. Adjustments are hard, but you have to keep doing it if your goal involves being happy.

"Find your daily joy!" - Nancy B. Urbach

You might not be able to accomplish your objective the first time or you may take steps in the wrong direction in the beginning; but if you want to see your goal become a reality, it takes time. So, what are you waiting for? The only thing stopping you from the life you want is yourself. Change your life for the better. Remember, change is always possible, my friend. You just have to believe it and get to work!




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