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  • Nancy Urbach

Is it Time to Take a News Vacation?

The news can be overwhelming. It’s a nonstop barrage of bad news, crisis, and drama. It’s enough to make anyone's head spin. When you turn off the news, you’ll soon start to experience some amazing benefits like improved sleep quality, increased creativity, and greater peace of mind. It might sound crazy, but here’s why taking a break from the news can do wonders for you!

1) Increased Focus and Productivity - When you take time away from consuming too much news, it gives your brain time to rest and recharge. This can lead to increased focus, better productivity, and more creative ideas as well as solutions for any problems that may have been previously worrying you.

2) Improved Sleep Quality - Too much news consumption can also lead to anxiety or stress levels that interfere with sleep quality. By taking time away from consuming too much information at once, you will be able to get better rest which will help your body recharge for whatever life throws at you next.

3) Lower Stress Levels - One of the major benefits of turning off the news is that it helps lower stress levels associated with constantly being bombarded by negative stories or situations happening around us in our everyday lives. By taking a break from absorbing this type of information, it can help restore balance and allow us to approach every situation with more clarity instead of feeling overwhelmed by it all.

Taking time away from consuming too much news is an important step towards resetting your center and calming your mind from all the never-ending drama going on in the world. Allow yourself some space to reset mentally and emotionally before diving back into all of it again later on. You don't have to disconnect completely; just unplugging for even just one day could make all the difference!




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