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How Do You Really Feel? Examining Your Relationships

Our relationships with those around us play a significant role. Deciding to examine these relationships further, helps us to gain a better understanding of how we interact with others, as well as provides insight into our own behaviors. Individuals that have a positive influence on our life, can inspire us to do greater things and help foster personal growth; whereas those that drain our energy or present a negative influence in our life, can drag us down and prevent us from being the best version of ourselves. Choosing to surround yourself with the more positive relationships, can bring forth your best qualities that can produce a fuller and richer life.

 How Do You Really Feel? Examining Your Relationships

Determine Your Individual Needs

Taking the time to figure out your individual needs is essential when it comes to connecting with people in your life. Decipher what it is that you need from a relationship. Do you need someone supportive? Someone who can challenge and push you? Or someone who brings you joy and makes you laugh? Taking the time to explore and identify these needs will give insight into your criteria for you to have healthy relationships. Understanding what fulfills and nourishes you will ultimately help guide your decisions with choosing the right relationships.

Observe How They Make You Feel

Once you know what kind of relationships that work for you, it's time to start observing how other people make you feel. Take note of whether or not they meet your emotional needs and assess whether or not their presence brings a sense of joy or discomfort into your life. Do they inspire and motivate you, or do they drain you of your good mood; bringing out feelings of anxiety and insecurity in yourself? Pay attention to both how someone makes you feel during interactions, as well as afterwards. If the negative feeling lingers long after the interaction has ended, then it’s definitely worth exploring further.

Act Accordingly

At this point, it’s important to act accordingly. If someone brings out positive emotions in yourself, then consider investing more energy into building a stronger bond with them. On the other hand, if someone leaves a negative impression on you, figure out why they may be affecting you that way. Is there something within yourself that could benefit from working through their negative energy or is this person simply not good for your mental wellbeing? Either way, take steps to ensure that these feelings are addressed properly; otherwise, these feelings can fester over time and lead to future obstacles down the road.

Exploring your relationships can be an eye-opening experience! By taking some time to observe how others make us feel when we’re around them; we can gain valuable insight into ourselves while also recognizing which people bring joy into our lives and which do not! Whether it’s a positive or negative energy that arises when interacting with another person, pay attention. Both deserve consideration because being mindful of our own emotional needs, will ultimately lead us towards healthier relationships overall.


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