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  • Nancy Urbach


Happiness can sometimes feel like this never-ending goal that we are all trying to reach. We do experience the different types of happiness often and sometimes don't even realize it. There is happiness all around you, if you know where to look. Finding the right balance and understanding the different types of happiness can help lead you to a deeper awareness of what it means to be happy. 

1. Short-term (simple pleasures)

This is the immediate feelings of happiness people experience like watching a good movie, listening to music, enjoying a hot cup of coffee, etc. This is a form of joy that is temporary and doesn't last long. After enjoying these moments, we then return to our original state of emotion. This is the easiest form of happiness to obtain and is often where most people focus their time on.

2. Well-being (baseline happiness) 

This is overall, how happy you are in your life. Some may measure this through comparison to how they have felt in the past or comparison of their situation to others. This happiness is more thoughtful and requires self-reflection. This is where most people get stuck and are constantly comparing their happiness to others or create an image of what they think happiness is. Finding self-contentment will help you to increase your baseline of happiness. 

3. Optimal happiness (feeling of fulfillment and purpose)

This is when you feel you have made achievements of one's full potential. It is seen as accomplishments with a higher meaning and has to do with a positive view of your self-realization. At this point of happiness, you feel more at peace and have less conflicts because you feel you are contributing to a greater cause. This happiness can spread from yourself to others, from your contribution to helping or solving situations outside yourself. You feel valued and are proud of yourself. 

Regardless of what type you are experiencing, realize it is a form of happiness. Being aware of the little moments of happiness as well as the larger ones is important to your well-being!  




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