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  • Nancy B. Urbach

See the Positive

Are you wanting to be more positive? We all have a natural / automatic response to situations that come from our current perspective or previous experiences. This can be helpful in a survival situation of fight or flight, but not for everyday situations. You can take control of your thoughts to generate your own planned positive responses to any situation with some practice. The first step is to take control of your attention. Throughout your day ask yourself these questions: "Where are my thoughts right now?" "Are these thoughts supporting me in advancing my life in a positive way or are they negative automatic responses?" Paying attention to your thoughts will help you to notice what you have been thinking about. If it's negative you can start to redirect it. Choose what you focus on by being conscious of where your thoughts go. The next step is to practice intentional thinking, by giving your thoughts positive things to think about daily. Start with intentional questions that are positive, for example: “What am I grateful for today?” “How can I have fun right now?” “How can I show appreciation or love towards others or myself right now?” Pay attention and be mindful of your answers. When they don't support you in advancing your life, start to redirect them. When we consciously change our thoughts repeatedly, we give ourselves personal power. These steps do take focus and discipline daily! It can seem tiring at times but once you take control of your thoughts it will become more organic. Seeing the positive can help reduce anxiety and increase personal happiness!



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