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Nancy Urbach

Welcome to the website for monthly blogs, daily quotes and upcoming books from author Nancy B. Urbach who loves to inspire personal change in order to create a happier life!

Daily Quotes

Quotes from all authors curated to help you grow personally, professionally and creatively! 

Nancy B. Urbach
Meet Nancy B. Urbach

I am an author who focuses on personal growth, overcoming obstacles, showing appreciation, and self-care importance. It starts with knowing what energies we are choosing to attract into our lives. These are the topics I cover in my monthly blog and will be featured in more detail in my upcoming book. Check back often for the release date!

I enjoy inspiring others daily! Whether it be a quote from an author from the past or one of today's most inspiring thinkers including myself; there will always be something positive and inspirational to take away from my daily quotes on my social media. Connect with me on Facebook to receive these quotes each day.

Who couldn't use an extra dose of positivity and inspiration? For those who have joined my community, get first access to news and topics every two weeks directly into your inbox when you sign up for my Newsletter. 


Let's inspire personal change to create a happier life!


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Check out Nancy B. Urbach's contribution to the word vibration.

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