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  • Nancy B. Urbach

How to make a change in the world!

If you want to make a change in the world, you must start with yourself first! Just like Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” Changing your daily habits can make a positive impact on your life that can spread to your family, friends, and community. YOU are in control First realize that you are in control. You choose what you allow into your day with your choices; starting with what you eat in the morning, to your career choice, and what you do with your free time. Over time you have created patterns with your choices that are comfortable for you. However, something has occurred in your life that has moved you to want to make a change! It is easier said than done, but it is possible. Keep in mind you are in control and you can change your patterns by identifying the change you want and going after it. Identify the change you want to make

You are excited to make a change, but have you identified the end result you would like? For example, let’s say your change is, "I want to get healthy". This could create many different desired results. It could be finishing a 5k race, getting your cholesterol lower, or it could be fitting into a bathing suite for summer season. What does “get healthy” mean to you? What result are you wanting to have? Once you determine that, then you can start to analyze and change the right daily habits to achieve your goals. Changing daily habits Avoid making one big immediate change. Most will find that it is hard to maintain a huge change without gradual and consistent smaller changes that lead towards your goal. So, for your daily habits start with a small amount and gradually increase the percentage of change over weeks and months of time to create a new lasting habit. For example, if your change is that you want to complete a 5k race, you wouldn’t go outside and just start running. That could lead to injury. Instead, start the first week walking a mile and over time move up to jogging and then running, pacing yourself for what feels comfortable to you. This will lead to your end result in time.

Another example is perhaps you want to decrease your screen time on electronics. You wouldn’t just turn them off all together. That would lead to withdrawals. You could start with decreasing your electronics time every day by 30 minutes for the first week. Then decreasing it over the next few weeks till you have met your goal for reducing your screen time.

Have patience with yourself Change just doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to change your habits. Motivate yourself with daily quotes or pictures of your end results. If you miss a day, know that it's OK, you can try again tomorrow. You should be proud of yourself for any progress you have made towards your goal. Keep it up!!! When you make a change, it can improve your outlook on life. This can give you more time, energy and clarity to accomplish so much more. It can also motivate and inspire your family, friends and community to make a change as well. When you change YOU, you can change the world.



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